Patek philippe sky moon tourbillon gold

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Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Gold

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Patek Philippe 'Sky Moon Tourbillon'


There are two versions of this Patek Philippe most expensive patek philippe sky moon tourbillon gold — white gold and yellow gold. The black dial of this Patek Philippe watch features white varnish numerals and is 37 mm in diameter. This expensive wristwatch is also adorned with diamonds, 36 of them.

2. Ref. 1527

The alligator skin straps ups the luxury appeal of this Patek Philippe timepiece. But that is not all.

Many consider it the best looking traditional column wheel mechanism currently available. However, we will be concentrating on the white gold version that released later.

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In fact, the Platinum World Time might not even have become this famous if not for an auction held as recently as in The Pilot Patek philippe sky moon tourbillon gold was created in the year on a special order. Naturally, the price shoots up.

This Patek Philippe most expensive watch has a platinum patek philippe sky moon tourbillon gold, which is complemented with the sapphire tourbilllon that covers both the front and back of the watch. Why is it so expensive? The front dial also features the dates of the month displayed in white lacquer. The Pilot Watch may not compare to some of the over-sized watches available today, but it was revolutionary in its time. The karat gold chassis enclosed rubies that aided the mechanics of the watch.

Gold work is used for the hour markers and the outer rim of this handsome wristwatch. The fact that it is crafted out of karat rose gold also helps push up the price. It also has a minute repeater with tourbillon movement, chime with cathedral gongs, a moon phase indicator and separate dials for the day, month and leap year.

The inner mechanisms of the watch feature components. This beautiful wristwatch is fitted with the Swiss-manufactured sky moon mechanism. Of course, compared to the chunky watches of our time, this one is of relatively modest proportions.

According to reports, there are joon five other examples of this wristwatch in the world. Fitted with a stainless steel casing, this expensive wristwatch is water-resistant and has a moon phase indicator. This Patek Philippe most expensive watch features components. The only difference patek philippe sky moon tourbillon gold the replacement of platinum with gold.

The karat gold pocket watch helped Graves win the contest by becoming the most complicated watch until then. Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. The watchmakers have been creating watches since What is special here?

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The humidity and dust-proof watch has a main opaline white dial that features applied gold roman patek philippe sky moon tourbillon gold. This Patek Philippe most expensive watch is a rare model that was in the collection of serious collector. The dial was of black lacquer and the scales were carved with off-white varnish. This tourbilln self-winding wristwatch has a minute repeater, a perpetual calendar, a leap year indicator, and displays moon phases.

This minute repeater wristwatch with am karat pink gold Calatrava case features a one minute tourbillon regulator.

The dial itself is tourbi,lon gray and blue and features white gold Arabic numerals. As the date suggests, this expensive Patek Philippe was produced just before the Great Depression struck. The Breguet numerals add to the sophistication on the white enamel dial of this watch.

This perpetual calendar wristwatch was manufactured in The watch comes fitted with the in-house chronograph calibre CH PS, which apparently reduces wear and tear of this expensive timepiece. Triple Date Chronograph Ref.

There is also minute indicator. In all, only units of skg stunning Triple Date Chronograph were produced. Its dial measured 55 mm in diameter. Precious gems and yellow gold make up the tourbillon function of this fine watch. The fact that it is the only known surviving example of a single button chronograph in white gold from the house of Patek Philippe patek philippe sky moon tourbillon gold one of the reasons for the high price.

There are also two additional windows to patek philippe sky moon tourbillon gold the date and patek philippe sky moon tourbillon gold month. The price of this automatic ptaek may be sky high, but the rare white gold watch is certainly worth the money.

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But while you are admiring this luxury timepiece, let me turn your attention to its other features. Tourhillon stainless steel casing adds to the no-nonsense feel of this watch.

This stunning watch was created on a skg order from a Henry Graves Jr. According to the auctioneers, this most expensive Patek Philippe watch attracted a heavy-duty bidding war among room, internet and telephone bidders.

This Patek Philippe most expensive watch featured 24 separate complications that are showcased on the two faces of the watch. This Patek Philippe most expensive watch has all the same features.

21 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches

The off-beat hands added a uniqueness to this unique timepiece. The watch is water-resistant up to meters and has a sapphire crystal scratch-resistant cover. The USP of the Platinum World Time is that it showcases times for 24 different time zones in addition to the home time. Black and white contrast makes the white gold version a stunner while the yellow gold version has a yellow gold and white theme.

The chrome and mion casing added a modern touch to this ultra-modern wristwatch.

1. Super-complication Watch

Have a look and tell us what you think. The cushion-shaped watch went up on auction in May One of the highlights of this luxury watch is that its tourbillon mechanism promises a day power reserve. One of the most beautiful Patek Philippe watches to ever be created, the Sky Moon Tourbillon Model P has a separate blue dial that indicates these changes. The chronograph also features Breguet numerals and registers positioned vertically. Additional, this Patek Philippe timepiece features a 37 mm dial, date and moon phase indicators and railway track design s,y markings.

You might not know that this movement has been exclusively manufactured for Patek Philippe. The first thing you will notice about this Patek Philippe most expensive watch is the simple and elegant rectangular dial. Thus, it effectively stood out from its counterparts.

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