Burberry платок 140 140 в стокгольме

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Burberry Платок 140 140 В Стокгольме

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Платок Бербери


I would recommend these to everyone Date published: Unfortunately, this peeled after a month or two.

They set me all up, and a week later I picked up my awesome Burberry framed burberry платок 140 140 в стокгольме. I had to bring them back mostly everything was blurry. So, though lenscrafters failed to tell me that, the glasses are wonderful otherwise, but useless for daytime driving. Never had this problem before.

Burberry referred me to a website that I emailed and phoned. I explained I needed them for driving burberry платок 140 140 в стокгольме, and wanted glasses that would auto dim. I was very disappointed a brand like Burberry would provide so cheap and Un durable material, oh well Frames need better manufacturing so paint lasts longer.

As a first time glasses wearer, I стопгольме to Lenscrafters to get an exam, and my first pair ever.

Apparently, they dont work behind a windshield due to UV blocking. I went back to the store and replaced them for a different frame, of a different brand.

I was disappointed that such a venerable brand would do such shoddy work that makes them look bad Date published: The finish on my first pair came off in many locations. Bought at the beginning burrberry the year, although they look much older.

I had crystal clear vision, but they failed to darken for me when driving. The paint on the burberfy is starting to peal.

The coloured coating on the frames is not very durable in my opinion and is coming of here and there. Returned them within 1 yr for a new pair and within a few months have the same issue

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