Using 5 second fix

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Using 5 Second Fix

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5 Second fix UV Glue unboxing & review with testing


Buying using 5 second fix Selling a Home? The pen has a squeezable liquid plastic applicator on one end, and a UV light to cure the plastic on the opposite end.

The metal fan was simply missing a small piece that could easily be glued. Scholz was sure 5 Second Fix would have no problem tackling this job. A wiggle test revealed 5 Second Fix did create a strong bond that repaired the glass.

The plastic did not appear to bond well with the wood, and he had a hard time getting the UV light within three to five millimeters of the liquid plastic as the using 5 second fix instructed. First, Scholz wanted to see if he can repair the broken glasses. We flipped on the UV light for five seconds usinf the plastic bonded quickly and strong.

He applied the using 5 second fix plastic, and using 5 second fix cured the repair with the UV light for five seconds. Scholz had one final piece to complete the repair on the martini glass.

We wanted to see whether the liquid plastic bonding agent would bond without the UV light. Scholz hoped 5 Second Fix could help make some repairs. After holding the glass with liquid plastic in place for 10 seconds usung the use of the UV light we found the broken shard did not bond with the rest of the base at all. We allowed it to sit for about a half an hour and then tested it again.

The product did work well on the porcelain bird Scholz knocked off the shelf. It appeared the product had fixed the glasses— that is, until he tried to put them on his face and they broke in sefond again.

This time, Scholz was not impressed at all with the results. Scholz learned fairly quickly that it was necessary to have an assistant.

He followed the same procedure and allowed approximately 30 seconds of exposure to the UV light for the plastic to cure, but only one side of the piece bonded to the fan, and the bond easily broke loose. Scholz himself admits to knocking a ceramic bird off a shelf, a pair of vintage glasses broke at the bridge, an unknown culprit seemed to have stepped on and snapped a wooden napkin holder in two, a piece of a metal fan was discovered broken in a box from a consigner and an entire set of martini glasses was knocked over and broke.

The result was a weak bond that when wiggled broke very easily. Using 5 second fix bond held until we exerted just a little too much force to test it and it broke again.

It bonded the two broken halves together uing. A product called fkx Second Fix claims it can make short work of repairs to using 5 second fix, wood, metal, glass, fabric and more, but does it work?

This time, he applied more of the liquid plastic and allowed more time for the UV light to cure the plastic. Next, Scholz applied the liquid plastic to the wooden napkin holder, and again shined the UV light on the break.

Scholz had a theory on why we may have had trouble on some of our opaque test items.

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